Fujitsu supercomputer win 4th place in "Green 500" and 8th place in "TOP 500"

"ISC HIGH PERFORMANCE 2017" released the June 2017 edition of "TOP500" which ranked supercomputer and "Green 500" which ranked high per-power performance supercomputer on June 19th.
"TOP 500" is a project to rank and evaluate regularly up to the top 500 in the world's fastest computer system twice a year.
Fujitsu's supercomputer "Kyo" became the No. 1 in 2011, but after that, it has surrendered the leadership position in Cray, NUDT, and NRCPC.
Still, in the latest June 2017 edition, it became the 8th place.
"Green 500" announced at the same time is ranked supercomputer with high performance per power consumption.
Here, the supercomputer made in Japan monopolizes from 1st place to 4th place.
And "Fujitsu's" RAIDEN " is ranked 4th place.

IA server "PRIMERGY" based on world-class technology

PRIMERGY is an IA server built on outstanding Fujitsu's technical capabilities.
It is faithful to basic performance, has high expandability, and boasts the top market share in Japan.
It is faithful to basic performance. It also has high scalability. We are proud of top market share in Japan.
Because it has high basic performance and also has high scalability. PRIMERGY has a high market share in Japan.

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