10 words you had better know when go to Japan

The convenient 10 words when you go to Japan are introdused by YouTube.

If you go to Japan these words will make you more pleasant.

10 words are following

  1. ありがとう(Arigatou) : Thank you
  2. すみません(Sumimasen) :  Excuse me
  3. 分かりません(Wakarimasen) : I don't understand
  4. いくら(Ikura) : How much?
  5. どこ(Doko) : Where?
  6. これ(Kore) : This
  7. ごちそうさま(Gochisosama) : Thanks for the food
  8. こんにちわ(Konnichiwa) : Good day / Hello / Good afternoon
  9. ください(Kudasai) : Please
  10. トイレはどこですか(Toire wa dokodesuka) : Where is the toilet?

Surely, they seems to be convenient and to be used in everyday life in Japan.

And you can make a sentence by combining these words.

For example;

If you want to say "Where is this?", put "doko" and "Kore" together, you would say "Kore doko?".

And in Japanese you can express "Good day","Hello" and "Good afternoon" by one word "Konnichiwa".

If you want to know it in detail, please watch this video.