The "Mikoshi" of the Kanda Festival

These are "Mikoshi", portable shrine, of Kanda Nishiki-cho near the KSG office in Tokyo.

The Mikoshi is a sedan chair to carry the God of shrine.

That's why it has a respectable roof and decorative and very heavy.
There are three kind of Mikoshi.  "Otona Mikoshi" for the adult men, "Onna Mikoshi" for the ladys, "Kodomo Mikoshi" for the children.

Generally, the weight of the adult mikoshi is, it is said that about 1 tons.

About from 20 to 50 people of the town will carry it on their shoulders.

In the Kanda Festival, they carry their town's Mikoshi from each of the town to the Kanda Myojin.

It's a hard work for them, but also the highlight of the Japanese festival.