About the "Golden Week" - Japanese holidays in spring

In Japan, there are the holidays which will be up to around ten days from the end of April to the head of May.

 They call this holidays "Golden Week".
 Golden Week is a group of following national holidays and Saturday and Sunday.
  • April 29th(Showa Day/national holiday)
  • May 3rd(Constitution Memorial Day/national holiday)
  • May 4th(Green Day/national holiday)
  • May 5th(Children's Day/national holiday)
Actually, the core of "Golden Week" holidays are the consecutive three national holidays between May 3rd and 5th.
But when Saturday and Sunday will be added, some will be able to get ten days off by applying for 2 days paid leave of absence, May 1st and 2nd.

This year, there was not a day off from work, as the April 29th was Saturday.
Then most Japanese got five holidays.

In this season, there are many events and all of them will be crowded.
The highway will be clogged up,  and there are so many people at the sightseeing spot and the event meeting place also.
In addition, the Shinkansen, a hotel and an inn come to be difficult for reserve, and the price is apt to rise, too.
However there are few people in the downtown area of Tokyo.

That's why I recommend the sightseeing of the Tokyo downtown that became quiet if you will visit to Japan at that season.